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These are patient accounts of their experiences at one of our network hospitals.

Darlene B.
Englewood FL
July 27, 2010


Hi Joe As you know, I recently used your company to arrange for 3 dental implants and 2 sinus lifts. The whole experience went smoothly. The sanitary conditions of the Dental Office were impeccable and the sterility during the procedure was second to none. I would feel confident to recommend you and your company to any of my friends.


Ms. Phyllis Richards
Kamuela, Hawaii
February, 2007


“The people are wonderful and caring. I have received the best of care. I am so impressed with the hospital and the staff.”


Mr. Craig Bailey
Rockwall, Texas
February, 2007


“Full service, friendly staff, highly attentive and professional doctors. Excellent facilities and capabilities.”


Ms. Linda Magel
Manteca, CA
February, 2007


“Excellent care. Skilled staff. Couldn’t be happier with Physician’s and their expertise. Very personable and professional. Would recommend to others”.


Ms. Karen A. Stocking
Spokane, WA
March, 2007


"Doctors were very good. Staff is exceptional. Very impressed with the level of care."


Ms. Norma Louise Sut Liffe
Harrisville, RI
March, 2007


"All staff nurses and doctors are very attentive. Always available, kind and considerate. My stay was very comfortable. Staff is very knowledgeable and offers information when necessary. Will recommend for sure."


Ms. Patricia Justice
Independence, MO,
March, 2007


"Upon arrival at Apollo we were greeted with care and always had a sense that help was always there. My doctors had been superb! They are great men who understand the meaning of giving care to their patients. Thank you so much to Dr. Tarun Prakash and Dr. Shahin Nooreyezdan. 'Thank you' to all the staff who helped us while we were getting our Whole Body Check-up done. All the staff were great - nurses, housekeeping, Food & Beverage services. Always willing to help and make sure we were comfortable. Will definitely recommend Apollo!! Thank you."


Ms. Donna Waldron
Reno, NV
April, 2007


"Hospital care is excellent. Nurses are the finest in the world. I have never been so pampered and looked after. Rekha Nair is an angel and could not have provided better care."


Mrs. Debra Travis
Nevada City, CA
June, 2006


" I was impressed greatly by the skills and knowledge of the doctors and at how efficiently and quickly all tests were performed. Thank you.''

Ms. Cynthia Butterworth
Englewood, CA,
June, 2006


" This hospital has changed my life to the better so much. All the people here have been so kind and helpful. I will never forget you and what you all have done for me. May God bless you all. Many thanks. ''




Ms. Mary Gibbons
San Anselmo, CA
September, 2006


" Wonderful care. Great staffing levels. Doctors explained things clearly. Enjoyed meeting other patients."


Ms. Elaine Kimpel
Babylon, NY
November, 2006


" I feel very fortunate to be here after breaking my hip. Everyone, from my wonderful surgeon Dr. Chandershekhar, the attentive sisters and even housekeeping has made me welcome, comfortable, and gotten me up and walk again. A very positive experience."


David Hoh
Galveston, Texas
November, 2006


"The service at Apollo Hospital was fantastic. Everyone treated us as if they were personal servants. The doctors were extremely professional and completely competent. The nurses were totally attentive to my every need. I felt well protected in their hands. The hospital cleaning, maintenance and dietary staff surprised me with their efficiency. I like "Indian food" very much; it turned out because of the food service staff. Because of the staff at Platinum Lounge and Dr. Ajaya Kashyap personality, I will recommend to my friends and anyone who enquires good medical services."


Mrs. Karen Holman,
West Sussex, UK
August, 2005


"We were told before we came to India that the Apollo Hospital has a good reputation and that we would receive VIP treatment Infact every aspect of our experience has exceeded our expectations. Right from the initial welcome at the airport every member of the team has been sincere in making sure we are comfortable. The clinical and nursing standards are exceptional. Dr. Gulati and his team have given us a dedicated professional and personal service, which has put us at our ease. All aspects of care have been first class including cleaning, hygiene, dietitian, physiotherapist and the international marketing staff. We would like to thank each and every one of you especially the nursing staff assigned to me for making me feel valued, and for making my stay comfortable. We will certainly be recommending you to all our friends."


Averill Dollery
Worcester, UK
October, 2005


"Words cannot express the care, kindness and sheer love of looking after their fellow man here at the Apollo Hospital. The care I received was totally second to none. Nothing was too much trouble, so everything felt smooth and trouble free. Due to this wonderful treatment, my recovery has been in my mind, rapid and on going. I shall return to UK singing the praises of their hospital forever. Thank You Dr. Raju Vaishya and all your terrific colleagues."



The service that I received from GMR was excellent.

I contacted them because I was having a hard time finding a doctor who felt qualified enough to help me both in the states and abroad.

Before I found GMR I worked with several other well-known medical tourism companies. I found the experience frustrating because these companies either didn't understand the type of surgery that I needed, didn't work with doctors who could perform the surgery, or quoted prices that did not justify my going out of the country.

GMR responded promptly and professionally to my emails.

They immediately understood the type of surgery that I needed and within a week of my contacting them they were able to find a highly qualified doctor who would perform the surgery at a reasonable price.

They worked out every detail of my trip and rescheduled all of my appointments twice and even helped with travel arrangements when I ran into problems with my flight.

The case manager that I worked with was very personable, and helpful. He brought me to all of my appointments and acted on my behalf as my advocate.

They followed up with me once I arrived in Costa Rica to make sure that the accommodations were comfortable and were willing to help me make alternative arrangements if necessary.

They also followed up with me, when I returned home to make sure that everything was going alright.

The clinics and doctors offices were modern and cosmopolitan looking and actually nicer than the clinics and offices that I've been to in the states. My room at Clinica Biblica was also very nice. The nursing staff was attentive to my needs.

Dr. Reiche performed what would be my fourth orthognathic surgery. The first three operations were done in the states and the outcome of all of these was poor.

Dr. Reiche was able to undo a lot of the damage that was done here, and I can honestly say that this is by far the most successful operation that I've had. I'm grateful to have found him and I wish this option were available to me twenty-five years ago, when I initially sought out treatment.


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