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Price Range:

$2,000 - $3,500
Countries: India, Costa Rica
Medical Library Reference: Liposuction

GMR Is Here To Assist You

The team at GMR takes your healthcare needs seriously. That is why we have traveled the globe to find the finest hospitals, and physicians.

We have personally visited each hospital in our network. We have inspected each facility, reviewed doctors credentials, interviewed patients, and staff to ensure that the hospital meets the highest standards possible. Click here to view patient testimonials.

We want to make sure that your experience, and outcome will meet if not exceed your every expectation. A hospital does not make it into our network unless we can answer one last question with a resounding YES ---- Would we send our loved ones there?

We have done the work for you. We have the expertise, and information you need to make an informed decision to let us help you find safe and affordable healthcare overseas.

Simply fill out our short client intake form so that our team can help you decide if you are a suitable candidate for this procedure, and to discuss your options.

There is no obligation, no high pressure sales pitch, and it is totally FREE.

How Does It Work?

As we said, we do not charge you a penny. We are compensated by our partner hospitals. Once you have completed our client intake form you will be contacted by your case manager (CM). Your CM will talk to you about your specific situation, and needs.

Ready To Begin?

Your CM will guide you through every step of the process.

In order for your physician to correctly plan your course of treatment, it will be necessary to send them your medical history, MRIs, X-rays, photos, etc.

We have contracted with a medical digital imaging company to digitize your records, so they can be sent electronically. They will require you to sign a release form, which will allow them to receive, and transmit your records to your physician.This process is secure, private, and meets all HIPAA criteria.

Another option for medical image digitizing, is to photograph your film backlighted on a light box at your doctors office using a digital camera. These digital photographs can be used for an initial assessment by our doctors.

Once your doctor has had a chance to review your case, you will receive a price quote, which will be the total package cost of your surgery, hospital stay, medicines, physical therapy, medical supplies, transportation to/from the airport, transportation to/from the hospital.

GMR will help with all the travel arrangements, and facilitate communication with the doctors and hospitals.

We will be available to assist you in every way we can to make sure you have a minimum of concerns planning your medical travel experience.

Yes, you could do this whole process by yourself, but why, when you can have use of the FREE services at GMR?

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