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Welcome to Global Medical Retreats. We are a full service medical referral company. Our goal is to provide access to high quality, low cost medical and dental care. Our vision is of a world where everyone has the opportunity to receive the best medical care available.

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We are no different from you. We have been impacted by rising health care costs, rising insurance costs and governments, insurance companies, and employers who are either unwilling or unable to do anything about it.

We started by finding high quality and affordable dental care for ourselves, and our friends. We were able to locate through our travels and non-profit work, dentists, physicians and hospitals second to none. We then entered into partnership agreements with these world-class doctors and hospitals to bring the finest health care to as many people as we can. All of this for extremely low cost.

We recognized the need for accurate information and compassionate help for people wishing to travel for their medical care. Not everyone is experienced in traveling internationally. Nor is it easy for many people to find the best doctors and facilities in a foreign country. We use our many years of experience traveling abroad and investigating our partner hospitals and doctors to help you make an informed decision about your health care choices.

Our partners have received the highest international accreditation available. Many of our physicians have received training in the U.K. and or the U.S.. Our commitment does not stop at merely finding the best doctors and facilities. We do everything we can to ensure you have as few worries as possible. We understand that for many this will be the first time to travel overseas.

That is why we handle just about everything but packing your bags. We can make your travel arrangements, help you secure your passport and visa, make hotel reservations, help you transfer your medical records, arrange consultations with the physician of your choice, and get you an exact price.

We do this all at no cost to you. All you have to do is get on the plane. This is what we do because this is who we are. Here's to your health!

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